2018: The Year in Pictures

As the year comes to a close, I like to take stock of the ground that was covered over 365 days. I have the unique opportunity to scroll through the photos taken day by day of farmers cultivating the soil, athletes competing at the highest level and the beauty that is Iowa. As a photographer, I thrive on the opportunity to document the lives and issues that shape society. I also cherish the chance to look back at a collection of images that one by one evoke memories, illustrate emotions, speak to larger social issues and add clarity to our world. The following pictures are a small selection of my favorite photos from 2018.

2018: The year in pictures

Seven in 2017

New Year's Eve is a natural time to look back at accomplishments from the previous year while looking forward to new opportunities. Below is a selection of my seven favorite photos from 2017. 

I have been fortunate to pursue a career in photography and writing that has led me around the world while meeting many people. I look forward to 2018 and all of the new opportunities it will bring.

Here’s to 2018.