Chasing a sunrise

By Joseph L. Murphy

The sun rises over the Iowa countryside. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy)

The sun rises over the Iowa countryside. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy)

As a photographer, I should be taking more sunrise and sunset photos. I’ll be the first to admit it. With that being said, there are always excuses that come along with what I know I should be doing. From helping parent two kids and busy schedules (especially now that school has started), time is at a premium. It makes it hard to justify a drive through the countryside at 5 a.m. or 9 p.m.

But it seems that every time I’m motivated to chase those photos, the reward far outweighs the work. I always feel that I come away from a sunrise or sunset outing with some great photos, but there’s an even greater satisfaction. For me, it gives me time to slow down and notice some of the small things that a busy lifestyle can easily miss. A vine that has attached itself to an old wooden fence, mist rising from one of Iowa’s many wetlands or the shadows that define rows of soybean fields.

There’s nothing like driving down a gravel road with your windows down while the golden hues of the sun make an entry to or departure from the day. I hope you can take a moment to slow down and enjoy the following photos I captured yesterday while chasing a sunrise through my favorite playground… along some dusty roads in Iowa.

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